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How to Reach Pelling

Located in West Sikkim, Pelling a picturesque town is famous

Pelling Tourism- A Travellers Haven

Sunrise at Tiger Hill

Sun rise in Tiger Hills
  Sunrise at tiger hill, holidays in Darjeeling. The pride of North Eastern Tourism, Darjeeling is no doubt one of the best places to spend your holidays. Lying on the lap of majestic Mount Kanchenjunga, the scenic natural splendour of this tiny hill station will leave you spell bound. Majorly famous for its beautiful tea plantations, rich flora and fauna and cold weather, the hill station proudly boasts on her nickname The Queen of Hills.

Darjeeling Tour Tips

 Darjeeling a beautiful Himalayan town is located in the cozy and inviting landscape of West Bengal from the rising plains of Siliguri somewhat 89 kilometers. It is a picturesque Himalayan town with inviting and impressive geographical features, attractions and cool healthy weather conditions. Visiting Darjeeling is a lifetime experience and so is the reason why this town is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.