Beautiful Boundaries of Nathula Pass, Gangtok

Calls of Himalayas have always reflected the glory of the nature and have always beautified the region where in it settles. More often the heights of mountains have always shared its boundary with other state but the brilliance of purity has no boundaries and territories only thing it has is gift for nature lovers.

Although the thick glaciers of Nathul pass of Gangtok which is at a distance of 56 km away from the main town is one of the most alluring and beautiful places around Gangtok as its height and sensible area which shares its boundaries with China relates the true hegemony of nature.

Nathula pass which serves the purpose of traders is actually a trade link between china and India and its way which once used to join the roads of Tibet reflects its importance in terms of trade and commerce.

Renowned as silk route, Nathula pass settles at an altitude of 14,450 ft which calls for symphonies of nature is blessed with an exquisite flora and fauna and the most amazing thing you will witness while you make your way here is its alpine plantation.

Nathula which is divided into two words Nathu and la which means Listening ears and passes respectively so that means while you walked down the valley of Nathula make sure to listen the whispers and mischievous act of nature.

Although trade which was closed because of unhealthy situation was reopened in 2006 with some strict measures and diplomatic approach and today its stands and serves trade relations between both nations.

While you make your way to Tsomgo Lake you will witness this beautiful and highest motor able road of India where you would require permit to enter the gates of this territorial pass.

Besides being the natural beauty the place is also renowned for spiritual site because it is from this pass you will walk your way ahead to the religious site of Lhasa and Mansarovar Lake where both Hindus and Buddhist comes to practice pilgrimage.

 Make sure to pay visit here only during Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday because in other days the gate of pass will remain closed.

Once you are here you will see the glowing beauty of Nathula pass and beside that you will also witness the glaciers of Tsomgo Lake beside that if you take a trip around the site of Gangtok then you will get to see the beauty of Enchey monastery, Deer park, Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary and many more.

How to Reach
Nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri which is at a distance of 120 km and it will take approximately 2 and half hour to reach here and once you will end up at Gangtok hire cab to reach the site but make sure to get permit before you enter the site of Nathula pass.
Nearest airport is Bagdogra which is at a distance of 124 Km and it will take approximately 2 and half hour to reach here.